TRU-ID™ hires CFO

TRU-ID hires CFO Eric Thomson ( and develops opportunities for capital investment.

New Tools to Combat Food Adulteration

TRU-ID develops tools to combat food fraud including ingredients and products listed in the Food Fraud Database: Moore, J. C., Spink, J. and Lipp, M. (2012), Development and Application of a Database of Food Ingredient Fraud and Economically Motivated Adulteration...

New Head Office

TRU-ID expands and opens a new head office at 150 Research Lane, Guelph Ontario, Canada.

NY Attorney General OK Nature’s Way

13/14 companies ordered cease and desist from the sale, distribution, or marketing of adulterated or misbranded “devil’s claw” supplements by the NY Attorney Genera...

Award from Ontario Network of Excellence

Ontario Network of Excellence (OCE) support awarded to TRU-ID as CEO David Lizius drives the business forward with a strong corporate structure and vision for growth over the next few years.