Our Brand Certification Mark
Our Brand Certification Mark

Certification Program

Food retailers and their supply chain partners want to be confident that the products that are buying meet the product specifications that are stated in the labelling. They have a growing number of choices today from the global food and ingredient processing community. Several companies have already taken a pro-active approach to working with TRU-ID as the third party ingredient authentication authority to further advance their quality assurance programs and food safety testing capabilities. By performing these tests early in the chain of supply of products, risk and overall cost can potentially be reduced through participation in the TRU-ID Certification Program provides added assurance of the authenticity of purchased supplies. The certification logo provides a means to communicate this added quality assurance to customers with a product label that can be displayed on packaging. Listed below are some of the participants that are TRU-ID certified partners and have committed to the long-term authentication of their products through the Certification Program. We are encouraged by the growing interest we see from the global processing community in all sectors of food and natural health products alike. Contact us to discuss how the TRU-ID Certification Program can help you differentiate your brand.

Natural Ingredient Certification

We certify that the natural ingredients listed on the label are actually in the products using a range of DNA testing and proprietary industry standards.

Statistical Modeling

We use a range of custom designed statistical tools to ensure adequate testing of every product batch certified by TRU-ID, year after year.

Expansive Product Range

TRU-ID can test a wide selection of food and natural health products – our TRU-ID identification matrix contains over 45,000 species and over 180,000 DNA sequences, and continues to grow.

Management Tools

Our reports will allow companies to monitor the quality of product batches and quickly reject or recall contaminated ingredients or adulterated products.

Certificates of Authenticity

Finished products and supply chain samples are tested using TRU-ID biotechnology, and certificates issued for compliant samples.


Our processes are regularly reviewed to maintain our high standards for certifying your products, and ensuring that natural ingredients remain authentic, allowing you to identify and address any adulteration.

Global Services

TRU-ID services are going global. The TRU-ID certification mark is registered in over 28 countries including Canada, the USA and in the EU.

These featured industry leaders are an example of the Gold Standard for Quality Assurance: First, they work with TRU-ID qualified botanical suppliers that DNA test all the raw ingredients in their supply chain. Then, they perform DNA tests and TRU-ID certify every batch of their products

Traceability Reports

For your reference, here are three traceability reports that we generated for one of our customers

TRU-ID Report 00012015 - Client: Organic Ocean


TRU-ID Report 00022015 - Client: Organic Ocean


TRU-ID Report 00032015 - Client: Organic Ocean