TRU-ID Chief Scientific Officer Steve Newmaster will be speaking about the potential for DNA diagnostic technology to validate the authenticity of natural health products at the Canadian Health Food Association Conference and Trade Show in Toronto, ON Sept. 16.

Dr. Newmaster will be part of the session titled titled Quality Testing Methodology for Natural Health Products at 4 p.m. He has over 100 publications on genomic diversity and molecular diagnostic tools for plan identification, and his research has contributed to national and international policies and standards within the food and NHP industries.

Dr. Newmaster is a co-founder of TRU-ID, established in 2013 as the world’s first certification program for DNA authentication of food and natural health products. TRU-ID provides DNA-based supply chain verification testing as a means to protect our clients and their customers from the vulnerabilities of mislabeled or contaminated ingredients and to promote honesty in consumer product labeling.

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