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Adulteration presents a serious financial risk to companies in the food and natural health product industries. Innovative solutions to identifying adulteration help to manage this risk.

How is TRU-ID different?

TRU-ID provides DNA-based tools and services to identify species adulteration of food and natural health products, mitigating the impact of inauthentic products to brands, companies, investors and consumers.

What does TRU-ID offer?

Our innovative, collaborative approach to R&D in biotechnology ensures your results are delivered in an informative and timely manner, while our certification program provides a means to communicate the additional quality control to your customers.

QA/QC DNA testing

Improve your quality control processes with DNA testing with TRU-ID solutions:

  • A range of affordable DNA testing for product authenticity to complement existing quality control procedures
  • Real-time and portable options allow on-site testing for improved integration and immediate results
  • Data collection and reporting for improved supply chain management and batch monitoring

Brand Security

Protect your brand, improve consumer confidence and differentiate your product from competitors using the TRU-ID Certification Program. Our product certification includes a license to a consumer facing certification mark that communicates a unique message about your product:

  • A dedication to quality and authenticity
  • A commitment to protecting consumers from mislabeled products
  • Continued investment in the best tools available to combat adulteration

Supply Chain Verification

Test your ingredients and products at various points in the supply chain. TRU-ID provides:

  • Higher standards to measure your ingredient integrity
  • Reports on supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Cloud based tools for managing product verification results
  • A competitive advantage for your brand